About Dawn


Dawn Belisle – Owner

My passion is to bake and create great tasting desserts.

I love sweets, I love art and I love great tasting desserts. My main goal is to provide premium quality desserts that remind you of the great cakes and cupcakes your mother and grandmother used to make. I began baking years ago and friends and family would always request me to bring a dessert to dinners, parties or get togethers. Soon I started selling some of my cakes. I began with alcohol infused cakes which were inspired by an alcohol infused fruit cake my mother used to make. From there, I just expanded the flavors I offered. I then decided to add cupcakes to my menu but not ordinary cupcakes, INFUSED cupcakes. Inspired by things I like to drink (lol), I soon could not stop coming up with different combinations. I pride myself in offering moist quality cakes and cupcakes with that extra special kick! After 19 years as a criminal attorney, I decided to make my passion for baking my full-time business and I began that transition in 2014. I now use my talents as a baker, artist and a cook to create wonderful tasting and beautifully created desserts. Creating and sharing my creations with others gives me a great feeling of fulfillment.

Delights by Dawn believes in the quality of good desserts. As people do not have the time to bake and even learn to bake, Delights by Dawn provides quality, home made desserts like those from mom, or grandma. However, I decided to spice it up a bit and make them with a touch of adulthood. Our specialty cakes and cupcakes have real liquor in them to add something a little different, a little special and a little something to Warm the Soul!!!